Resident Evil: Village: Shadow of Rose will have the longest duration for a DLC

After a significant commercial success when it was released, Resident Evil: Village is therefore rewarded with a new DLC with Shadows of Rose. According to Capcom, the story could be completed in 4 hours, which would make it the longest DLC in the history of the Resident Evil saga. As a reminder, the story will take place 16 years after that of the main game and will allow us to embody Rose Winters, the first hero’s daughter.

Capcom also previously indicated that this would be the final storyline stretch to have the Winters family at its center. The DLC will therefore close a narrative arc started in 2017 with Resident Evil 7. Gameplay level, we can note that the DLC will take place in the third person unlike the basic game, thus constituting a return to the sources of the saga.

Also note the presence of supernatural elements in the heroine who seems to benefit from powers related to ice that allow her to freeze enemies. A bias that allows this new content to be taken in a completely different direction from the original opus to close this narrative arc. The release is scheduled for October 18.

As for the sequel, Capcom has already specified that Resident Evil 9, for which we have no release window at the moment, should be a return to the fundamentals of the saga. Whatever happens, the appointment is given for next October 28, the release date of DLC Shadows of Rose on Resident Evil 8.

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