Resident Evil: Village: Shadows of Rose DLC concludes Winters’ story

Resident Evil: Village, released in May 2021 on most gaming platforms, is preparing to welcome a narrative DLC, entitled “Shadows of Rose”. This must be available at the end of October and invites us to play Rosemary Winters, Ethan’s daughter. Besides, know that this expansion will conclude the story of the Winters.

Indeed, IGN Japan journalists were recently able to speak with Kento Kinoshita from Capcom, notably during the Tokyo Game Show 2022. The latter declared that the studio’s developers have created ” the story of Shadows of Rose in order to conclude the saga around the Winters family “. As a result, the next Resident Evil opus will most certainly feature new characters or sign the return of old ones.

As a reminder, Resident Evil: Village’s Shadows of Rose DLC is part of the Winter’s Expansion, which has a release date of October 28. This also includes the third person view for the base game as well as The Mercenaries: Additional Others mode. On the same date, the Gold Edition of Resident Evil: Village will also become available.

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