Resident Evil Village: the VR mode for PlayStation VR 2 dated and detailed

End of October, Capcom was throwing Resident Evil Village Gold Edition With l’Extension Winters and other additional content. the survival horror has not yet said its last word, because before giving way to the remake of Resident Evil 4 next March, it will benefit froma free update on PS5 adding a mode VR, as promised. Yes, we now know its release date, which will not surprise many people.

It’s the same day as the launch of the PSVR 2 that Resident Evil Village will therefore go into virtual reality on February 22a big plus for future owners of the helmet, that Sony Interactive Entertainment did not fail to highlight on the PlayStation-Blog with an article where producer Kanda Tsuyoshi spoke. He explains that the entire the game’s story-driven campaign at the controls ofEthan Winters is playable in this mode VRwith graphics in 4K HDR (2000×2040 per eye), eye tracking, 3D audio and the use of controller vibrations VR2 Sense. Suffice to say that the immersion will be at its peak. These controllers will allow intuitive movements such as making a parry with our weapon and holding it in front of us to shoot, or even having one in each hand. Reloading a pistol will require us to place the magazine ourselves, while a knife attack will require performing laceration movements.

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If you want to get Resident Evil Village Gold Editionit’s sold €49.99 on Amazon.

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