Respawn (Apex, Titanfall) Creative Director Mohammad Alavi Steps Down

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Respawn lost its creative director, Mohammad Alavi, on January 11, who left in search of a new adventure. How will it impact Apex Legends follow-up and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel?

After 11 years with Respawn Entertainmentthe creators ofApex Legends or titanfallCreative Director Mohammad Alavi announced leaving the company. It is on Twitter that he declares this January 11 his departure to his collaborators, him who had been at Respawn since its inception in April 2010 and for some, knowing them from his time at Infinity Ward before they were collectively fired by Activision. Alavi declares to go in search of his “next adventure” but does not give details as to where it will take place.

Although losing its creative director is a major problem, Respawn is confident that it won’t impact their future plans too much.. According to some relatives of the studio contacted by Gamesbeat, EA won’t change its plans. The studio will indeed release its future new title in 2024 or 2025 who will not be affected by the departure of Mohammad Alavi.

This year, however, it is the mobile version of Apex Legendscurrently in closed early access, which will join the market. According to Jeff Grubb, a Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel is also reportedly in the works although it has not been formalized.

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