Respawn: The creative director of an unannounced single-player game leaves the studio

Respawn Entertainment is a studio that has been very busy lately, especially on the regular updates ofApex Legends and what we suppose to be Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2, which may well be revealed in May. There is even a third game that is in preparation at the studio, but we learned yesterday some bad news, namely that the project had just lost its creative director.

A big figure in the studio leaves

VGC noticed that the LinkedIn page of Mohammad Alavi, creative director of this mysterious project, had been updated to announce his departure from the studio:

Today is my last day at Respawn Entertainment. For 18 years, I only made games at two companies: Infinity War and Respawn. 11 of those years were at Respawn, which I helped build. I had the chance to work and learn alongside the most talented developers and to create licenses of which I am very proud. This day and bittersweet: I’m excited about my new adventure, but I’m sad to leave a family. It’s the end of an era. »

Before working on this unknown project, Alavi was narrative director on Apex Legends, and senior designer on the series titanfall. Regarding the project in question, we only know that it isa solo game, a priori oriented FPS, which would be focused on mobility and style ” according to Jeff Grubb, who however affirms that it is not titanfall 3. The game is still in the prototype stage.

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