restless anus syndrome, a new complication of the disease


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What is restless anus syndrome? Discovered in Japan, this consequence of the coronavirus confirms that the disease affects many parts of the body.

It could be a new consequence of Covid-19: restless anus syndrome. What does this mysterious and disturbing evil cover, described by Japanese doctors in an article in the medical journal BMC dated September 23, 2021?

Itaru Nakamura, Takao Itoi & Takeshi Inoue report the case of a 77-year-old man. Their patient, hospitalized after an infection with Sars-Cov-2, gradually recovered his physical capacities. However, the man exhibited anxiety and had insomnia. A few weeks after being released from the hospital, he began to experience intense and permanent discomfort in the anal area and perineum. This discomfort was even more intense at rest and worsened in the evening. Only exercise made it possible to make it disappear. After examination, the doctors found hemorrhoids, without any other lesions. A neurological exam has led the medical team to deduce that this may be a rare case of a variant of restless leg syndrome.

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Restless Leg Syndrome Covid Version?

The case of this patient indeed fulfilled 4 essential characteristics of restless legs syndrome: the desire to move which worsens with rest but improves with exercise and worsens again in the evening, detail the authors. . This syndrome occurs in about 10% of the population in all age groups, but it is more common in people of middle and older age. To relieve the Japanese patient, the doctors prescribed an anxiolytic drug (clonazepam). This rare case testifies, according to the doctors who wrote the article, to the effects in the neurological sphere of the coronavirus.

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