Restrictions possible – inflation: Hard times are coming to ski areas

What can the local ski areas expect in winter? As in Switzerland, the winter tourism industry in this country is also thinking about how to start the coming season in view of rising energy prices. “Of course we’re thinking about it,” said Austria’s top cable car operator, National Councilor Franz Hörl. Restrictions are being considered.

It is possible, for example, that “snowmaking saves ten percent of the piste, only hangs part of the gondolas or stops night skiing,” Hörl told APA. In addition, there will probably be higher ticket prices. “Ski areas are not big power guzzlers” But you have to take a close look at everything and “work seriously”, emphasized Hörl. In Tyrol, the ski areas have more or less guaranteed prices after the Tiwag contracts would run until December 2023. From the company’s point of view, it is nevertheless important to consider a few options. According to Hörl, ski areas are not the big power guzzlers – cable cars only need 1.3 percent of the electricity that is consumed in Austria. When it comes to gas, too, you need “almost nothing”. Hörl admitted that rising prices would also have an impact on ski passes. However, it is up to the companies how high the increases will be. “But people will be cautious about the prices for locals,” said the cable car operator. Measures in Switzerland The managing director of the Swiss Mountain Railways Association, Berno Stoffel, announced on Tuesday that there could be reduced operations in the Swiss ski areas. The mountain railways could save up to 20 percent in electricity consumption through measures in the areas of speed, number of gondolas and operating times. They also want to limit themselves when it comes to comfort – such as only offering cold water and heating less.
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