Retired couple from Roubaix missing: their car found, only one body is there

The car of the retired couple who disappeared in Roubaix since Sunday January 1, 2023 has been found. According to TF1-LCI, a body was discovered in the vehicle.

For several weeks, the mystery was complete for the relatives of a retired couple. In effect, Marie France Dumortier And Richard Di Gennarohad not given any sign of life since January 1, when they would have taken the road by car‚Äúsaid Carole Etienne, the prosecutor of Lille, before specifying that they were parties from Mairieuxnear Maubeuge “around 6-6.30 p.m. to return to their home in Roubaix“.

Wednesday, February 8, the couple’s car was found in a town in northern France. According to sources concurring at TF1-LCIthe vehicle was in a body of water Bruay-sur-L’Escaut8.2 km from Marly, and a body was discovered inside. Divers went to the site to carry out an in-depth search.

The couple’s relatives had ruled out a voluntary disappearance

Aged 83 and 79, Marie-France Dumortier and Richard Di Gennaro returned from New Years they had spent with their daughter at the time of their disappearance. According to the investigators, their phone went off for the last time at 7:09 p.m. the town of Marly, a small town near Valenciennes. Since then, the couple had disappeared.

Questioned in seven to eighta neighbor of the couple had ruled out the possibility of a voluntary disappearance. “I don’t believe in voluntary disappearance at all. They had plans, they were happy […] you can imagine anything. This disappearance is not normal” she said. For the daughter of Marie-France Dumortier and Richard Di Gennaro, a voluntary departure would have been all the more strange as medication of his mother and the insulin pen of his father were still in their house. For the moment, no track is excluded in the investigation.

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