Retirees in particular suffer from being expelled

As soon as she has settled in at the new place, Christina Petermann (78) has to get out of her apartment again. The native of Basel shouldn’t actually be sitting in her living room anymore. Because at the end of September 2021, all tenants of the property in Zurich’s Witikon district had to vacate their apartments. She herself fought for a few months from the gallows, as she says in an interview with Blick.

With the vacancy notice, which fluttered into the house of the tenants in autumn 2020, a nightmare began for pensioner Petermann that she had already experienced before, as she reveals Blick. “I couldn’t believe it when I had my resignation in front of me!” Said Petermann. When she moved into the Witiker property four years ago, she had already been given an empty resignation due to total renovation. Also in Zurich.

When she moved in, she had the new landlord – Mobiliar – assure her that the apartments in Witikon would not be emptied for renovation in the next few years. The insurer explained to her that they would only make small improvements in the kitchen and bathroom.

Petermann can barely afford the rent

Today it sounds different at the insurance company. “The renovation is very extensive – for example, due to changes in the floor plan and the addition of four floors,” explains the furniture to Blick. The affected property with a total of 14 apartments was built in 1971.

“If I had known that I would have to go out four years after moving in, I would never have come here,” says Petermann. She lives with her dog in a 2.5 room apartment. She pays 1,650 francs per month for the 50 square meter apartment. The pensioner can barely afford the rent.

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