Retirement, real estate credit, MaPrimeRnov’, taxes… Everything that changes on September 1

September 1, 2023 has been a red-hot chance for months, due to the entry into force of the pension reform. On the menu: a lot of retirement, a little tax, and all the news related to the start of the school year.

Pension reform: the real kick-off of the reform

To date, out of the thirty regulatory texts necessary for the application of the pension reform, only one is missing. It concerns the retirement of the elected members and should appear in the Official newspaper in the coming days, according to the Minister of Labor.

Minimum pension, long career, 43 years of contributions, gradual decline in the legal age of 64… MoneyVox will come back in more detail in the coming days on all the changes scheduled with this reform.

In addition, many measures will be gradual, starting with the raising of the retirement age, at the rate of one more quarter per year until 2030. Thus, the raising of the legal age and the extension the contribution period depends on your year of birth.

At what age can I retire? *

Legal retirement age **
Number of terms required **
automatic full rate **67 years old

* From 1er September 2023, the legal retirement age will be gradually raised by three months a year to reach 64 in 2030, compared to 62 today.
** Source: government pension reform project presented on January 10, 2023.

NB: This is a simplified simulator which presents the general cases. For a personalized simulation, go to the simulator of the retirement info site.

Pension reform: what changes… and what does not change on September 1, 2023

The most concrete novelties from 1 September? The revaluation of the minimum pension the basic scheme for those who already receive the contributory minimum (the real name of the minimum pension for the basic scheme). This boost (of 1,100 euros depending on the case) applies to the retirement insurance pension for the month of September. This revaluation will therefore be visible from the pension paid at the beginning of October, for approximately one million beneficiaries of the increased minimum contribution. Others will have to be more patient for processing time issues.

IN DETAIL. Pension reform: 5 questions about the new minimum pension

Income tax: update of the levy rate

For the tax at source, September 1 is now part of the habits. Based on the 2022 income that you declared last spring, the DGFiP will update the personalized deduction rate that it communicates to your employer (or pension fund, or Ple Emploi, etc.). Reason why your September salary may change a little…

Taxes: why the levy increases on your payslip

Independently of this update, you can change the option for your direct debit rate at any time: personalized rate (the one that depends on the overall income of your household), individualized rate (to distinguish the rate within the couple) or neutral rate.

Taxes: how to change the tax rate levied on your salary

Wear rate: a maximum close to 6%

Always higher. On the one hand, the monthly increase in the usury rate (legal maximum at which banks can lend) is good news: it avoids blocking it from the files of borrowers who can apply for a mortgage. On the other hand, this remains bad news: this does not prevent rates from continuing their frantic rise. On durations over 20 years, the most frequent contracts currently, the maximum is 5.56% for the month of September. As a reminder, the rates of wear and tear are understood to be all-inclusive, insurance included in particular.

Real estate loan: the maximum legal rate is approaching 6%

Mandatory Rnov’ guide

The Rnov’ guide becomes mandatory from September 1st for energy renovation work costing more than 5,000 euros including taxrequiring two actions (for example, combining insulation of the walls from the outside + insulation of the roof slopes), and requiring more than 10,000 euros in aid via MaPrimeRnov’.

This support is chargeable. But it may be free for the most modest or if your community has set up dedicated funding for this support. To find out if you are eligible, you can contact a France Rnov’ advisor on the website.

MonAccompagnateurRenov’: how much will this new obligation cost you to receive MaPrimeRenov’?

Student scholarships: a boost

The files have been closed for a long time… But the payments are approaching. However, this return brings two good news. The first: the eligibility scales have been increased by 6%, which should allow 35,000 additional students from the middle classes to be eligible for a student grant based on social criteria for the year 2023-2024. Second good news: a revaluation of the amount of scholarships for each level up to 37 euros.

Fixed rates for meals and student accommodation

Catering rates are frozen for the 2023-2024 academic year. The Crous (Regional Centers for University and School Works) will offer two rates: a social rate of 3.30 euros, and a very social rate of 1 euro for precarious scholarship or non-scholarship students. Crous housing prices will also be frozen for the 175,000 housing units offered at social tariffs.

Contractual rupture: social package revised upwards for employers

An alternative to resignations and dismissals, the conventional termination of the employment contract will cost employers more. Instead of 20% social package until now, it will now be 30%. Very specifically, this new regime applies to compensation paid for the termination of an employment contract whose term is after August 31, 2023, we read in the Official Social Security Bulletin.

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