Retirement: reform “requires effort” but “saves the system”

In front of the executives of the Renaissance party, Élisabeth Borne considered it “important to mobilize by not letting untruths spread”.


Addressing the executive office of the presidential Renaissance party, the Prime Minister urged its members to “go into contact, to listen”.

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ELisabeth Borne urged her majority to “mobilise” and “carry” the pension reform, a project which “requires effort” but “saves the system”, Monday before the leaders of the Renaissance party. The tension rose another notch on Monday between the executive and the opposition on this flagship reform of this start of the five-year term, again deemed “essential” by Emmanuel Macron on the eve of a new day of mobilization.

“We can be proud to defend this pillar of our social model”, declared, according to participants, the Prime Minister, present at the executive office of the presidential party. “It takes effort. If being losers means working, in the end they are winners because we save the system. But we are careful not to ask the same effort from everyone, ”insisted Elisabeth Borne.

“This reform does not penalize women”

In front of the executives of the presidential party, the head of government also deemed it “important to mobilize us both by defending our project and by not letting untruths spread”. “No, we will not leave tomorrow at 64. The age shift is gradual. No, this reform does not penalize women,” she insisted. “I can assure you that we protect women who have chopped careers”. “It is important to say this: until now, women retired later than men, in the future, they will leave earlier,” also declared the head of government, who deemed it “important to show empathy and listening”.

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She also mentioned “a relationship with work which questions us and which we must tackle”, judging “it is important that our deputies make proposals on these questions which will be covered in the current bill and in other texts, on full employment for example” which must be presented in the spring by the Minister of Labor Olivier Dussopt.

On the Renaissance side, the MEP Pascal Canfin and the deputy Sacha Houlié, president of the Law Commission, have formulated proposals relating in particular to gradual retirement or an extension of the senior index to companies with more than fifty employees. The pension reform currently under discussion provides, for companies with more than 300 employees, the creation of a senior index, with penalties in the event of non-publication up to 1% of the payroll.

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