Return to Monkey Island: a tasty gameplay trailer for the return of the cult saga

Few would have imagined the return of the license Monkey Island Nowadays. Yet it is with an aptly named Return to Monkey Island that Developer Digital, Terrible Toybox and part of the team of the time will set the stage for a sixth original adventure.

After a teaser and a few concept artwe were able to discover the first images of gameplay in a trailer released as part of the Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase. The style of Guybrush Threepwood and his universe have evolved a lot since Tales of Monkey Islandbut this retro art direction should appeal to fans of point and click old.

Return to Monkey Island marks the unexpected and exciting return of series creator Ron Gilbert, continuing the story of legendary adventure games The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge, developed in conjunction with Lucasfilm Games.

It’s been many years since Guybrush Threepwood faced his worst enemy, zombie pirate LeChuck. His great love, Elaine Marley, has resigned as governor and Guybrush finds himself adrift, frustrated that he never discovered the secret of Monkey Island. Young hip pirates, under the leadership of Captain Madison, have driven the old guard from power, the situation on the island of Mêlée has worsened and the famous businessman Stan has been imprisoned for “commercial crimes”.

Mess with old friends and new faces on familiar islands, now ruled by dangerous characters. Then hoist the sails and set off to explore the unknown by facing thorny situations. Clever puzzles, wacky situations and devastating one-liners are all that separates Guybrush from glory.

The return of the point & click pirate game
With a classic game system adapted for modern times, intrepid pirates will have to solve puzzles and explore islands thanks to a revamped version of the controls of classic adventure games. Contextual interactions, responsive dialog trees, and an easy-to-use inventory will make pirate life a breeze.

Embark on a great adventure in the archipelago
Sail to the far reaches of the (sometimes) welcoming island of Mêlée, a familiar place now ruled by new bosses who have pressured old friends and new faces. Venture into uncharted lands like the aptly named Island of Terror and the creepy outposts of Brr Muda, where you’ll make as many friends as enemies.

A legendary team
The thrilling conclusion to the Monkey Island series marks the return of creator, Ron Gilbert, in collaboration with co-writer Dave Grossman, art director Rex Crowle (Knights & Bikes, Tearaway) and composers Peter McConnell, Michael Land and Clint Bajakian (Monkey Island, Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge).

Return to Monkey Island screenshot 1 Return to Monkey Island screenshot 2 Return to Monkey Island screenshot 3Return to Monkey Island screenshot 4 Return to Monkey Island screenshot 5 Return to Monkey Island screenshot 6

Return to Monkey Island is still planned for 2022, but will initially be released only on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch.

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