Return to Monkey Island is back in 2022

It’s time for Guybrush Threepwood to stack up for a new adventure in Return to Monkey Island in 2022. Developed by Terrible Toybox, the game does not yet have a precise release date but is planned for PC and Nintendo Switch.

The intricate interweaving of Monkey Island’s famous secrets leads Guybrush Threepwood, fearless hero, leather jacket salesman and mighty pirate, to embark on a flamboyant new adventure across the Caribbean, determined to unravel this elusive mystery once and for all. for all. A return to Mêlée Island would obviously not be complete without its old companions (and enemies) in misfortune, but while Guybrush and the infamous LeChuck will certainly find themselves once again battling fiercely on the high seas, a new pirate crew could well come and spoil the party.

Check out Guybrush’s hilarious new misadventures in Return to Monkey Island, written by original series creators Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman. The stunning visual is by Rex Crowle (Knights & Bikes, Tearaway) while some of the original voice actors and actresses are back. Return to Monkey Island offers intuitive new controls, accessibility options, and even a few jokes.


Characteristics of Return to Monkey Island

DeveloperTerrible Toybox | Lucasfilm Games
EditorDeveloper Digital
French release date2022
WebsiteOfficial site
PlatformsSteam | nintendo-switch
Languages ​​availableEnglish | French (subtitles only)
Starting priceUnknown

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