Return to Monkey Island: These tips and tricks will help you start your new adventure


Return to Monkey Island offers many puzzles, but with our tips and tricks you’ll be well equipped to face LeChuck and solve the mystery of Monkey Island.

These tips and tricks will help you through Return to Monkey Island. (Source: Devolver Digital, Terrible Toybox, Lucasfilm Games)

Retro fans, friends of the classic point and click adventures and those who grew up with Guybrush Threepwood have been looking forward to this moment. Return to Monkey Island is out and the puzzling begins immediately.

How to get further Is there anything else missing for this puzzle? After almost 13 years you can travel to Monkey Island again, but during this time you will forget a few things and maybe one or the other of you will slip into the role of the pirate Threepwood for the first time.

So we’ve put together a few helpful tips to help you get started in Return to Monkey Island so that you’re well-prepared to face the evil ghost pirate LeChuck.

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