return to the crazy rumor of the identity of his father

With the Duke of Sussex just blowing out his 37th birthday, the lingering rumor questioning his kinship with Prince Charles still hurts him.

In the middle of summer, a joke from Ed Kavalee, an Australian comedian reignites the rumor about the identity of Harry’s biological father. A joke that is still struggling to pass with the younger British prince and fans of the crown who are unleashed on the networks as loyal slayers of their idol. A pavement in the puddle that has tainted the royal family since the 90s, following the revelation of the adulterous relationship that Lady Di had with the rider James Hewitt.

In view of the physical similarities between the two men (the freckles and the red hair), many wondered if the last born of the princess was not the son of her lover. A rumor however denied, in 2017, by James Hewitt in person on an Australian channel. If Lady Di’s former riding teacher does not deny having had a relationship with her, he recalls that she began in 1986, two years after the birth of Prince Harry. It is therefore mathematically impossible that he is the father of Lady Di’s youngest son.

James Hewitt, a Life Guards with it all


In 1986, Lady Di was only 25, and her marriage was already in serious trouble. An almost non-existent sex life and a – future-ex – husband who abandons her to see his mistress, Camilla Parker Bowles, almost in the eyes of all. During the summer of that year, during a dinner in the very chic district of Mayfair, the Princess of Wales crossed paths with the Irishman James Hewitt, 28 years old. The captain of the Life Guards, an experienced rider in charge of the royal stables, is funny and attractive and knows how to talk to women. When the princess confides in her that she is terrified of horses, James immediately offered to give her some riding lessons.

The princess of hearts, bruised by the failure of her marriage with the heir to the throne, will quickly approach the major and make him her confidant. After several months of rural walks and horseback riding lessons, Diana invites James Hewitt for a one-to-one dinner at Kensington Palace. And while Charles finds his mistress, Camilla Parker-Bowles, the princess will be forgotten in the arms of her rider. It is away from prying eyes, in the Devon cottage, loaned by James’ mother, that the two lovers will share their passionate embraces.

Diana and James: true love story and false rumor

Their affair lasted six years, from 1986 to 1992. In 1994 James Hewitt, who was still struggling to recover from the separation with his princess, put his moods on paper, in the book Princess in love, written by Anna Pasternak. He recounts in detail his relationship with Lady Di. Confidences which would have brought him the equivalent of more than 5 million euros. Diana feels betrayed, but will have no choice but to officially confirm this affair when, officially, her divorce has not been pronounced. Scandal at court!

But this revelation will trigger a terrible rumor echoed in the press: what if James Hewitt was ultimately Prince Harry’s father? The tabloids then begin to study with a magnifying glass the slightest similar physical features, the slightest resemblance, and especially this red hair that characterizes them. Noises from the corridors that have greatly hurt the protagonists of this story, starting with Prince Harry himself as well as Prince Charles.

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