Returnal: the PC version still leaks on video

Big exclusivity of the PlayStation 5, Returnal is a shooting game developed by Housebrand (stardust, Resogun, Matterfall) which has already delighted game lovers in gameplay demanding. For a while, a PC version seems to be leaking in small drops on the Interneta leak still not plugged.

After the appearance of a game codenamed “Oregon” mentioning the Tower of Sisyphus in the database of Steamthen pictures of the game menu on Redditit’s the turn ofa video of a few seconds showing once again the interface of Returnal on PC. The video was quickly removed following a complaint from Sony Interactive Entertainment, a small clue that suggests its veracity. But gaming pc had time to take notes, indicating that Returnal will benefit from optimizations on computers like native resolution adjustment for better performance, dynamic resolution during some heavy-loading scenes, DLSS (NVIDIA) Where FSR (AMD) and even NISa graphics optimization technology from NVIDIA not asking for RTX-GPUs. Of course, there is also the possibility of unleashing the frame rate and activate the ray tracing shadows and reflections.

As a reminder, the first images of the PC menu of Returnal had leaked at the same time as those of Sackboy: A Big Adventure, of which a video of the version for computers has just been published (then removed) by sony this morning. In other words, it is only a matter of time before sony does not itself announce the arrival of Returnal on PC. Alternatively, you can find the game at €59.99 on PS5 through Amazon.

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