Reverse Dieting: This is how the US diet trend works

Reverse Dieting
This is how the trend diet works

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The American Tricia Cunningham has lost 78 kilos thanks to reverse dieting. We reveal what is behind the diet trend here.

78 kilos less thanks to reverse dieting

The reverse dieting, or “reverse diet”, helped the American Tricia Cunningham to lose 78 kilograms. Of course, her starting weight was correspondingly high, but she still managed to weigh this considerable number of pounds within only nine months to lose. Now she is marketing the diet model using the eponymous model Box, in which she describes her success story.

This is how reverse dieting works

In the reverse diet nutritional model, everything is literally turned upside down. Concrete: You eat your dinner for breakfast and end the day with the actual breakfast. The wisdom: “Breakfast like an emperor, lunch like a king, dinner like a beggar” comes from the Reverse Dieting full to wear. But what exactly is on the daily diet plan?

  • In the morning you are allowed to Reverse Dieting eat plenty of food and set high calorie intake. Whether fish, a lean steak or a vegetable dish: foods that are normally eaten in the evening land on the table. This takes getting used to, but according to author Cunningham it should lead to success. The reason for this: The first meal of the day makes you feel full and fit for a long time.
  • Noon you rely on healthy, light recipes with lots of vegetables that you can eat with a clear conscience.
  • At the evening are the foods on the program that you would otherwise like to eat in the morning: How about, for example, a porridge, a wholemeal sandwich or a delicious scrambled egg?

However, this diet plan cannot do without doing without. Sugar, alcohol and caffeine are taboo– also ready meals and salt. You should also at least per day drink ten glasses of water, two of them with lemon. Snacks are not allowed.

Does Reverse Dieting Really Make Sense?

With Reverse Dieting you can certainly lose a few pounds – Tricia Cunningham is the proof. However, in order to be successful in the long term, one should supplement the diet plan with exercise and generally rely on a healthy and balanced diet.

The ideas of the reverse diet are not new, but in practice they take some getting used to. After all, it is clear that you can generally lose a few pounds by avoiding sugar and salt and consuming more vegetables. For people who can also do without caffeine, the diet is an interesting nutritional option.


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