Reverse Skin Prep – flawless skin without powder

Even skin and make-up that just sits there all day? You can have it – with the "Reverse Skin Prep" technique

Looking flawless all day? We want! But without a ton of powder on your face. And it's not that difficult at all. With the reverse skin prep technique, which beauty guru Jordan Liberty uses, among others, this should really work. On any skin and at any temperature.

Reverse Skin Prep – what's the point?

With the so-called reverse skin prep technique, we prepare our skin in a completely different way than we are actually used to. Jordan Liberty uses powder right at the beginning – i.e. before foundation, concealer, etc. The reason: This should keep the make-up in place all day and at the same time smooth the texture of the skin a little. Sounds almost too good to be true. But a professional should actually know. This is how the technique works step by step:

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So I shared my skin prep technique on YouTube, a variation of an old school “powder first” Hollywood technique, and then it went viral on TikTok. When I came up with this trick, I was on tour and needed a fool-proof trick to create flawless skin in ANY climate and for ANY skin type. I needed something that would reduce skin texture, while staying true to finish and allowing makeup to last all day. Thanks to my good friend @bobbiethomas, I was able to share this trick on The Today Show. So here’s the breakdown: ?????????? Step 1: Moisturize for your skin type. If you have dry skin, make sure to use a moisturizer that's extra hydrating, or layer over serum. This is also where you’d apply any separate sunscreen. I use @tatcha water cream (oily / combo skin) or silk cream (normal / dry skin) for this step. ?????????? Step 2: Apply setting powder. It's important that the powder is translucent and lightweight. The powder prevents any primer or foundation from sliding over or mixing with moisturizer, and prevents oil from getting to foundation from underneath. @lauramercier translucent powder is a favorite, or @purelycosmetics “oil absorb” for oily skin. ?????????? Step 3: Apply setting spray. This adds a second layer of long-wear product that's entirely invisible. It also prevents any excess powder from affecting application. I like @urbandecaycosmetics All-Nighter Setting Spray, choosing the best version for your skin type. ?????????? Step 4: Apply primer. Applying a pore-filling primer will be 10X more effective over these steps. I love @tatcha Silk Canvas or Liquid Silk Canvas for oily skin). ?????????? It adds 30 seconds to your foundation routine, but makes a huge difference. You’ll find you either don’t need powder after makeup, or you’ll use considerably less. No need to cake and bake and age your skin. It looks great on Instagram with filters and Facetune, but baking makes skin look awful up close in person – no luminosity, enhanced lines and wrinkles, and it cracks. Let me know how this trick worked for you below! And if you wanna see video, hit my IGTV to see it used in my latest video ? #jordanliberty #powderfirst

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When you've done all of that, you can go on with your usual routine. Foundation, concealer, bronzer etc. You don't need to use powder anymore – you already have it on your face. These four steps will take you a maximum of 30 seconds in the morning, but would make a big difference, according to Jordan. We'll definitely try it …