Reversed French: We love the minimalist nail trend for summer

Reverse french
We love the minimalist nail trend for summer

Reversed Nails


Anyone who grew up in the 90s is definitely familiar with French Nails. The nail trend is back now! But different than you might know him. More precisely: the other way around. Reversed French nails are the must-have for spring and summer 2022.

Hardly any nail trend has been as popular as French nails. But the style also had its critics. For several years, the two-tone look with the white nail tip has been considered old-fashioned and dusty. That’s enough of that. French nails are making a comeback. If you’re one of those people who can’t help but say “Oh Nooooo” right now, then wait and see. Because French Nails got an upgrade that will surely convince you to try the trend.

Reversed French – French Nails 2.0, so to speak

French nails are back, but in reverse. Reversed French is the name of the trend that is slowly spilling over to us from the USA. Nail artist Betina Goldstein is considered a pioneer in the field, and we can already find many nail influencers on social media who have already adapted the look.

So what are reversed nails? While the tip of the nail is painted white in classic French nails, the crescent-shaped inside of the nail comes into focus with reversed French by decorating it with a small stripe. As the name suggests, it is exactly the mirror image of the original look.

But while French nails of the 90s always had a white nail tip, reversed nails can also be created with colorful tones or glitter polishes.

How to create Reversed Nails?

Reversed nails are easy to make at home. It is essential that your cuticles are pushed back well so that the crescent-shaped end of the nail is showing. Then you just apply a clear or rose-colored nail polish, after which you color in the edge of your nail, either with a stencil or freehand. You can also work with sticky tape. To do this, you glue the nail, but leave out the crescent-shaped end. You can then simply coat the free part of the nail with varnish – Reversed French Nails are done.


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