Revolution: in Diablo Immortal, we can change classes without starting from scratch

The mobile adaptation Diablo Immortal will be entitled to a revolutionary novelty: the possibility of moving from one class to another, without losing its progress in progress.

Waiting for Diablo IVfans of Blizzard Entertainment’s saga will be able to kill time — and thousands of monsters — thanks to Diablo Immortal, mobile adaptation that finally sees the end of the tunnel (we played there in 2018, as a reminder). Those concerned will no doubt be delighted to learn that this opus will be entitled to a revolutionary novelty, can we discover in a press release published on March 28. This is the opportunity to change your class, without losing your progress.

This means that we can experiment more in Diablo Immortal, starting for example in the skin of a Barbarian then reorienting towards a Necromancer. “ When you change class, you keep all your paragon level progress “promises Blizzard Entertainment, even though the company is looking for” limits to be imposed on this system “.

Diablo Immortal // Source: Blizzard Entertainment

A big change for Diablo Immortal

There are six different classes in Diablo Immortal : Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer and Sorcerer. In the previous Diablochoosing a class means locking yourself into a style of play, with only a few ways to customize your hero (thanks to the powers you choose to unlock). Diablo Immortal wants to end this system to allow players to test as many classes as possible without starting from the beginning.

Changing class will obviously have no negative impact, since we will not lose anything in case we want to go back. Better, we will receive equipment adapted to his new class. ” On the other hand, you will have to go in search of legendary objects specific to your new class, but this search is part of the pleasure of the game. “, explains Blizzard Entertainment – ​​a brake that should not scare aficionados.

This evolution, which recalls the modularity of Dark Souls or Elden Ring (games that don’t really lock you into a class), will be available shortly after the expected first-half launch. It will arrive in support of the economy of Diablo Immortal, articulated around battle passes and cosmetic elements to buy. If, for example, you see in the shop a magnificent outfit for the Crusader while you are a Necromancer, then you can change your class and… buy it. Smart.

Will this change also be integrated into Diablo IV ?

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