Riccardo Simonetti: The entertainer becomes an LGBTI special ambassador

Riccardo Simonetti
The entertainer becomes LGBTI special ambassador

New challenges await Riccardo Simonetti.

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"It is probably the greatest honor that I have received so far," said Riccardo Simonetti. He becomes the LGBTI special ambassador for the EU.

Great honor for Riccardo Simonetti (28): The entertainer will support LGBTI special ambassadors for the European Parliament and its commitment to diversity. "It is probably the greatest honor that I have received so far," he said happily in an interview with the news agency spot on news. "I take the responsibility that this function entails very seriously and hope to create even more visibility for a community that is so often on the fringes of society."

The abbreviation LGBTI stands for the English words lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual / transgender and intersexual (German: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual / transgender and intersexual). In order not to exclude anyone, the abbreviation is often supplemented with an *. LGBTIQ has been used more and more recently. IQ stands for intersex and queer.

This is what the entertainer can expect

Simonetti has fought passionately for equality and tolerance for many years. Apparently, this did not escape the European Parliament and contacted the entertainer's management. "They obviously appreciate my commitment to the LGBT * community," explains Simonetti. And what tasks await him now? "I will support the European Parliament in its public relations work. I said from the start that I would only like to take on this honorary position if I am really in a position to be active myself. And, for example, to go to areas where human rights are concerned of the LGBTQ * community are still or again threatened, "explains the entertainer.

He hoped to soon be able to exchange ideas with activists, for example in Poland or Hungary, where the situation for members of the LGBT * community is worrying. At the same time, of course, this function also serves "to direct the focus on many positive developments in Europe with regard to the situation of the LGBT * community. Fortunately, there is not only bad news to report," emphasizes Simonetti.

"There's still a lot of inequality"

After all, a lot has already been achieved to date, especially in an international comparison. But even so, there is still a lot of inequality that needs to be addressed. "With the LGBTQ * strategy, Europe would like to significantly strengthen the rights of the community in the coming years and I hope that my input can help. I think, especially in Germany, we often forget that the freedom we have does not affect everyone from us, "he points out.

"We have to take care of the discrimination against the community in the workplace, ensure more security. Offer protection against hate crime and hate speech as well as strengthen the rights of rainbow families and hopefully set a good example internationally", warns Simonetti and calls out at the same time Collaboration on: "You especially need support from people who are supposedly not affected by it in order to change something."