Richard Berry affair: Marilou Berry responds to those who criticize his position in favor of his cousin Coline: Current Woman The MAG

Featured in the series I promise you on TF1, Marilou Berry is despite herself at the heart of the controversy. After her cousin Coline Berry's charges of incest against her father Richard Berry, the actress did not wait to support the mother. "Coline told me everything. I spoke to Richard at a family reunion. He was very angry, very upset. He replied that Coline was crazy, that the behavior of "this woman" was shameful. Now this woman ’was his daughter, and if everything was wrong, as he maintained, why didn't he go and confront her?”, she said in the columns of Paris Match, February 4, 2021. Since the daughter of Josiane Balasko and Philippe Berry is accused by some detractors of "make chaos flourish in his family".

To those who accuse him of being "partner in crime" by not having disclosed this family secret earlier, she replied in the columns of Release, Monday February 22. "I have always been on the side of the weakest. For me, it was impossible to doubt a victim's word: I believed Coline and I never stopped believing her", has started. Before recalling that the victim is none other than his cousin: "At first, she made the choice not to press charges. Who am I to not respect this choice?"

Marilou Berry is not happy for his uncle Richard Berry

About his uncle, who is accused "incestuous rape or sexual assault, and minor corruption", Marilou Berry said: "I do not rejoice in the misfortune of my uncle. However, what makes me happy about this story is thatafter spending almost forty years carrying this burden, Coline is no longer alone". Committed to the feminist collective #WeAll, founded by Caroline de Haas, the actress continued: "What would it be for me to yell at Place de la République with #NousToutes if I'm not able to cleaning up my own family ? "

"I liked the educational aspect of #NousToutes. I learned a lot there, especially about the difficulties of filing a complaint. It was one of the first movements that made me want to put my visibility at the service of a cause, that of violence against women. With what my cousin went through, it made perfect sense ", explained Marilou Berry. Before concluding : "For me, the main thing is to educate people. Today, there is still a lot of leniency towards sex offenders in our country. We must explain the consequences of pedophilia, the difficulties women face in obtaining justice, repeat that this is no longer possible until it changes. "

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