Richard Berry case: Catherine Hiegel comes out of silence


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While talking to the Journal du Dimanche to talk about her new performance on a theater stage, Catherine Hiegel suddenly mentioned the affair that has divided the Berry clan for almost a year.

Since Coline Berry filed a complaint against her father Richard Berry for rape, sexual assault and corruption of a minor, the Berry clan split. On the one hand, we find those who defend Richard Berry, who has always denied the facts: Joséphine Berry, the daughter of Richard Berry and the half-sister of Coline, Pascale Louange, his current partner, Marie Berry, his sister, as well as Jeane Manson, his wife at the time of the facts who is also accused by Coline Berry. The other, there are those who support the complainant and alleged victim, who was between eight and ten years old at the time of the facts: Marilou Berry, his cousin, Josiane Balasko, his aunt, and Catherine Hiegel, his mother and former partner of Richard Berry. If the first two did not hesitate to take Coline Berry’s side, whether on social networks or in the press, Catherine Hiegel was a little more discreet.

She suddenly decided to speak in the columns of the Sunday Newspaper (JDD), released October 10. While she was promoting her performance on stage where she will perform the monologue “Rules of good manners in modern society”, she decided to evoke his former companion and what he would have done to their daughter. “You may have noticed that my daughter’s name is Coline Berry? What her father did to her I couldn’t imagine”, She was indignant in the JDD. She thus reaffirms her support for her daughter.


Actions that do not pass

The pill is hard to swallow for Catherine Hiegel: Richard Berry will also be on stage, not far from the theater where she will be performing. She doesn’t endorse her actions, as she explains to the JDD: “We can not prevent it, but that Richard put on a lawyer dress and say the texts of Gisèle Halimi makes me throw up.”It must be said that the situation seems strangely ironic, because Gisèle Halimi was a great lawyer and a deputy who defended the rights of women. “She was a friend, a real one! She didn’t even touch a right”, Assured Catherine Hiegel to the JDD.

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