Richard Berry case: Pascal Praud loses his nerves in front of the actor's lawyer: Femme Actuelle The MAG

There was still mayhem on the set of Time for the pros sure CNews, Monday February 15, 2021. A habit so much Pascal Praud finds it difficult to contain particularly unruly guests. The presenter of the news channel received Richard Berry's lawyer, Maître Sophie Obadia, who wished to react to the comments, the same morning on Franceinfo, by Coline Berry who brought new revelations on the incest of which she claims to be a victim. But the interview didn't quite go as planned. Because, from the start of her intervention, the defender of the interests of the actor's daughter criticized her host for having amalgamated between the Duhamel and Berry cases. "First of all, the first thing I want to tell you, Pascal. It's because you can't mix it up like you just did: Duhamel, Berry … It's not the same business at all. In the minds of people, it is a comparable business ", she launched to the moderator of the debates, who did not let himself face the verve of his interlocutor.

Pascal Praud refuses that his guest makes him a trial of intent

"I didn't mix it up at all, forgive me! I said: 'we will listen to 3 testimonies'. Wait … No no, I never mixed. These are trials, don't start like this, cause I didn't mix", he replied, refusing a trial of intent. The tone was set, and the standoff continued for the rest of the show, each camped on its positions. "I announced the summary of the show saying we will listen to 3 testimonials today", once again defended the one who is often at the heart of controversy.

Not enough to disconcert the lawyer, sure of her facts and inflexible. "Really I want to say this, because even if I was not Richard Berry's lawyer, I would say the same to you. Every case is different. We cannot amalgamate them under a common title (…) The presentation which consists in saying: Duhamel, Berry, Pulvar in the same sentence, they are not the same cases at all", she affirmed. A lively exchange which did not advance the debates.

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