Richard Berry: Outrage from his wife Pascale who slaps his daughter Coline in court!

This is not going to ease the tensions in the clan… Since April 1, the Aurillac court has been studying the complaint filed by singer Jeane Manson against Coline Berry. Star accuses ex-stepdaughter of defamation after stepdaughter claims she participated in sexual assaults against her as a child and in a relationship with her actor father Richard Berry. During the first day of hearing, Pascale Louange, the actor’s current wife, lost her nerves.

Indeed, it is Vincent Vantighem, a great reporter for BFMTV and responsible for covering the trial, who reports the incident on his Twitter feed. After having detailed all the interventions of the day at length, he explained at the end of the day that at some point, a slippage occurred between the two women. “An incident erupted during a suspension, just before the defense argument: Richard Berry’s current girlfriend slapped Coline Berry, after insulting her… In court…“, he writes.

Facts also reported by West France which specifies that Pascale Louage voluntarily got up from her place to go and slap Coline Berry. “Violence has no place in this place.“, launched Me Karine Shebabo, Coline’s lawyer, at the exit of the room. “Insults are violence“, replied tit for tat Pascale Louage, supported by her husband. Following this decried gesture, Coline Berry’s lawyer filed a complaint for her client at the Aurillac police station. “In twenty years at the bar, I have never seen this. This is the difficulty for incest victims to denounce the facts: we have to knock to silence them.“, she assured.

As for the libel suit brought by Jeane Manson – who was married to Richard Berry from 1984 to 1986 – it is on hold for the moment. Judgment was reserved for April 14. The singer, who has denied all of Coline Berry’s accusations and hasn’t shied away from calling her “myth“Since she was a child, claims the tidy sum of 250,000 euros in damages. The case concerning Richard Berry, accused of rape and sexual assault on a minor, is also still ongoing.

All the protagonists implicated remain presumed innocent until the final judgment of this case.

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