Rick and Morty: Bizarre rap video wants to put you in the Christmas spirit


The sci-fi comedy “Rick and Morty” is back for Christmas. The US broadcaster Adult Swim publishes a rap video with Summer Smith as a Christmas greeting.

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty (Source: tmdb.org)

  • The series “Rick and Morty” is back with a video clip for Christmas.
  • The short video shows “It’s Rickmas Time”, a rap song by Summer Smith.

The sci-fi comedy “Rick and Morty” is celebrating the upcoming Christmas festivities with the release of a new rap single. In the music video published by Adult Swim’s YouTube channel, you can hear actress Spencer Grammer, Summer Smith’s original English voice.

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The fans of the popular cartoon series have seen many specials by “Rick and Morty” in the past few years. Whether a commercial for the PlayStation 5 or a live action clip with “Back to the Future” star Christopher Lloyd. The two chaots left nothing to burn.


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Season 5 wasn’t that long ago. But the success of “Rick and Morty” is certainly not over yet. Season 6 of Comedy has already been set, but there is currently no official start date.

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