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The authorities see Miran S. as the first right-wing terrorist in Switzerland. He’s been on the run for over a year. Now he wants to negotiate his return. The authorities refuse. It is unclear how much interest prosecutors have in bringing Miran S. to court in Switzerland.

In October 2020, a young man escaped from the Uitikon Measures Center near Zurich. He was staying there because the authorities feared he had planned to carry out a terrorist attack on a mosque. Miran S. (name changed) had threatened to do this in Whatsapp groups. In the forest he experimented with explosives. At home he tinkered with weapons.

Security authorities saw him as the first right-wing terrorist in Switzerland. He employed the US FBI and the Swiss intelligence service.

He sets a condition for his return to prison

Before being charged, Miran S. fled to Croatia, where “SRF Investigative” recently interviewed him. He admits to many crimes – but vehemently defends himself against the accusation of having planned a terrorist attack. S. says he only wanted to make himself important on the Internet and impress his chat partner: “I would never have been able to commit an attack.” Today he is no longer right-wing extremist.


Miran S. spoke to “SRF Investigative” about his crimes.


Miran S. lives in Croatia at large. As a dual citizen, he will not be extradited. The Swiss authorities no longer have access to him. Nevertheless, the 20-year-old recently offered to face the Swiss judiciary. But on the condition that he is not housed in the treatment center from which he fled. He would agree to another closed measure.

Miran S. remains free

S. also made the suggestion by e-mail to the responsible juvenile attorney. He refused: “You should [sich] decide to re-enter Switzerland (…) you will be immediately placed in preventive custody.(…) The first address (…) is still the MZU (Uitikon Measures Center, editor’s note) – there is practically no alternative in German-speaking Switzerland within a closed framework.»

The result: Miran S. remains free instead of completing a measure in Switzerland. Despite an international arrest warrant, his life in Croatia seems relatively normal – he works in construction there. Some time ago, Switzerland sent a request to Croatia that Miran S. should be tried there. The competent juvenile prosecutor and the Federal Office of Justice also refer to this. It is unclear whether Croatia wants that. Nothing has happened so far.


Miran S. posted this assassination threat on Instagram in 2019 after the Christchurch attack.


The question is how big the prosecutor’s interest is in bringing S. to court in Switzerland. Statements by the case-leading youth attorney, Michael Friedli from the canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden, raise doubts. According to a transcript of a telephone conversation, youth attorney Friedli said to the fugitive Miran S.: «You have to think this through carefully – if you leave Croatia; if you are arrested there, we will apply for extradition.”

SRF was able to verify that the conversation took place like this. These statements were made after Friedli instructed Miran S. in a closed measure on the grounds that he was dangerous and after he had issued an international alert for arrest. Juvenile prosecutor Friedli was recently appointed chief prosecutor – he will be the top prosecutor in the canton.

Did Friedli Miran S. want to advise against facing the Swiss judiciary with this statement? When asked, Friedli did not want to say anything: “Besides, I cannot give you any further information due to the non-public Swiss juvenile criminal proceedings.”


“SRF Investigativ” can show the point of view of the authorities through a complete copy of the case files.

police files, montage srf

Other Swiss authorities are inactive in the case. The Federal Office of Police writes: “The procedure lies within the competence of the cantonal authorities. Fedpol currently has no role in this case.”

See the whole story at Youtube video by SRF Investigativ.

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