Rihanna responds to pregnancy rumors


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Present in Barbados for a historic event, Rihanna unleashed passions. The reason ? Her fans believed her to be pregnant.

Rihanna is expecting her first child with A $ AP Rocky? Well no. The singer was traveling to Barbados for a very special occasion: until then still subject to the British crown despite its independence in 1966, the small Caribbean state has just become a republic. Rihanna attended the inauguration of Sandra Mason, the first president of Barbados. By the way, the artist was named national heroine, a real honor. For the occasion, she wore a pretty orange satin dress and, on social networks, some swore to have seen a baby bump. Another element that disturbed her fans: we can see her in several photos with both hands on her stomach. While the founder of Fenty Skin has not announced anything, the rumor of a pregnancy quickly spread.

The singer, who has shared her life with rapper A $ AP Rocky for almost two years, quickly ended the speculation. Indeed, a fan with an Instagram account dedicated to Rihanna sent her a message asking her directly: “Can I come to the baby shower? True or not, your babies are going to be beautiful. Sorry, everyone is meddling with your womb right now“, she wrote to him. Against all expectations, Rihanna replied, cutting short the rumors:”Haaaaa! Arrêeeeeete! You did not come to the first 10 baby showers! You get me pregnant every year, damn lol“, she launched with humor. A response that the fan was quick to share on social networks.

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