Rima Hassan, rebellious European candidate, summoned by the police for “apology of terrorism”

Europe 1 with AFP // Photo credit: Bertrand GUAY / AFP
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8:44 p.m., April 19, 2024

Controversial Franco-Palestinian activist Rima Hassan was summoned by the police for “apology of terrorism”. In a press release, the lawyer of the activist, present in seventh position on the list rebellious to Europeans, confirmed the summons by the police and denounced “purely political maneuvers”.

Franco-Palestinian activist Rima Hassan, present in seventh position on the list rebellious in the European elections, was summoned by the police for “apology of terrorism”, LFI said in a press release on Friday.

“Purely political maneuvers”

In another press release, her lawyer, Me Vincent Brengarth, “confirms the information according to which Ms. Rima Hassan received a summons today from the judicial police services”, while the person concerned denounced on politicians aiming to compromise (his) freedom of expression on Palestine.”

According to the summons, revealed by the newspaper Le Monde and consulted by AFP, the controversial activist, also a lawyer and specialist in the refugee issue, is summoned at the end of the month “in order to be heard freely on facts of “public apology for an act of terrorism, committed by means of an online public communication service”. The acts with which he is accused were allegedly committed between November 5 and December 1, according to the document.

“We recall that Rima Hassan clearly condemned, from the first day, the actions committed by Hamas on October 7, calling them terrorist attacks and indicating ‘it was morally unacceptable to rejoice in the deaths of civilians, both on the Palestinian side and on the Israeli side'”, indicates the rebellious movement in its press release. “Contrary to the comments attributed to her, Rima Hassan NEVER said that the actions of October 7 were legitimate,” adds the radical left movement.

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