Ring renews the Spotlight Cam and launches an emergency button for Ring Alarm

If Ring has finally found a way to allow building residents to benefit from at least some of the advantages of a doorbell connected to its Intercom, this small revolution is not expected before the beginning of next year. In the meantime, the Amazon subsidiary offers other new features: two outdoor cameras have just been presented, in addition to a certain Alarm Panic Button which can complement a Ring Alarm system.

The Spotlight Cam returns in Plus and Pro versions

The new cameras from Ring are presented above all as more or less improved versions of the Ring Spotlight Cam already in the catalog of the Amazon subsidiary. For the Ring Spotlight Plus, the improvements are slight to say the least. The features are identical to those of the current model: 1080p video, LED projectors, color night vision, siren… The main novelty would be to look for on the design side, but let’s admit that the difference is not obvious.

The Ring Spotlight Cam Pro takes the same base, but brings more significant improvements. If we can regret the absence of a better defined sensor which would make it possible to offer 2K recordings, an HDR mode is still entering and Ring also promises better sound quality thanks to a technology called Audio +. We can also note a larger speaker under the camera, which therefore also benefits from a slightly revised design.

In addition, this Pro version of the Spotlight Cam inherits the 3D motion detection and aerial view available in particular with the Video Doorbell Pro 2. It must therefore offer more precise motion detection, and be able to trace the path of objects or people it detects in the app. Like the Plus version, this Spotlight Cam Pro should be offered in several versions, with and without battery, but also with a solar panel.

A new accessory for Ring Alarm

Finally, the Alarm Panic Button completes the range of accessories available for the Ring Alarm system. No sensors to be found here. It is a simple button to be placed or fixed to the wall, preferably in an easily accessible place since, as its name suggests, it was designed for emergency situations.

When activated, the Panic Button triggers Ring Alarm’s siren and sends an alert to shared users. It is also possible to program it to launch a call to the emergency contacts entered in the application; a paid function, however, since it requires a Ring Protect Plus subscription. To avoid false alerts, note that the Panic Button is only activated after pressing for 3 seconds.

The Alarm Panic Button will be launched at the recommended retail price of €34.99 on November 2. The two new cameras will arrive for their part a little earlier, from October 26, and will be available from 199.99 and 229.99 €. It is already possible to pre-order them.

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