Ring Slim: Circular makes the thinnest connected ring official!

Connected rings do not yet arouse the same enthusiasm as watches, but interest in this type of product, which is smaller in size, has been growing in recent years. While Samsung, which is preparing its Galaxy Ring for the start of 2024, is preparing to enter the dance, the specialists in connected signet rings are stocking up on innovations. Circular, a French company, has just announced the thinnest model on the market: the Ring Slim.

A model of discretion

The Circular range now consists of two rings, the Circular Ring Pro and the Cricular Ring Slim. With this new model, the French manufacturer is mainly focusing on finesse, by offering less thickness and weight.

First of all, the Ring Slim benefits from unequaled thinness to date on the connected ring market: 2.2 mm. In a comparison table, Circular highlights that its Ring Pro is 2.75 mm, while the competition is 2.5 mm or more. Concretely, the Ultrahuman Ring Air measures 2.45 mm thick, the Oura Ring 2.5 mm and the Noise Luna Smart Ring 2.8 mm.

Who says ultrathin connected ring, says featherweight. The Circular Ring Slim weighs only 2 grams. With this slimming treatment, the battery obviously takes its toll, falling to 5 days of autonomy (compared to 8 for the Pro). Note, the connected ring recharges very quickly, in just 45 minutes.

But finesse does not mean concessions on the health side. Indeed, Circular offers a multitude of measurements on the Ring Slim: temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygenation (SpO2), number of steps and even heart rate variability (HRV). It allows you to monitor your physical activity throughout the day.

By analyzing the data collected, the dedicated application can also share information on energy level, sleep cycles, stress and even VO2 max. But that’s not all, recovery is also part of it. For that, “Circular automatically checks your activity volume and compares it to your vital signs to see if you have recovered from your past activities”.

A cardiac coherence function is also available. It is provided by a vibration motor, which also serves to alert you in case an alarm has been set. To interact with the connected ring, the Circular Ring Slim has a tactile surface with haptic feedback. A personal assistant is also included, allowing you to receive recommendations and provide precise analysis of the data collected.

Available from December 15, the Circular Ring Slim is available from €229 for pre-order via the official store. At the end of this period, its price will increase by around thirty euros.

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