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What are the consequences of wearing a ring that is too small ? Answer with Dr. William Mamane, orthopedic surgeon and traumatologist.

Can you wear a ring that is too small?

Is it possible to wear a ring that is difficult to put on? “If we manage to put it on, it won’t fit compress the finger, there is enough width.” explains it Dr. William Mamaneorthopedic surgeon and traumatologist at SOS Main 93 Center. “If the finger subsequently swells, it is not due to the ring, but to an internal or external cause. Edema can appear during the day, with the heat for example.”

It is not recommended to force the passage of a ring too small on one finger, nor to continue to wear a ring that is regularly too small. For what ?

What are the consequences of wearing a ring that is too small?

If you find that your ring has become too tight for your finger, it can become dangerous. “The fingers contain noble structures such as nerves, vessels and arteries. A ring too tight can compress nerves and arteries. This can block circulation, leading to blood depletion, and therefore necrosis.” explains Dr. Mamane.

“In general, we must be careful with rings, particularly among young people. We often have to treat young people whose fingers have been torn off because of a ring caught in a fence while they were climbing it. We call these accidents of ring fingers, these are serious lesions resulting from tearing or stretching of the noble structures of the fingers. In 95% of cases, the repair does not allow a functional finger to be restored. If you do sports or DIY, always remove your rings first, whether they are too small or not.”

What should you do if your ring is too small?

If the fact that your ring is too small is not a temporary phenomenon, it is best to stop wearing it. If this ring is important to you, you can definitely have it returned to a jeweler so that they can enlarge it. This will allow you to carry it safely, without risking it getting stuck.

If your ring is stuck on your finger, you can try to unblock it yourself first. Try slicking it with soap, oil, petroleum jelly, or moisturizer. If that doesn’t work, go to a jeweler to have your ring cut, or to a SOS hand center If your finger is damaged, they may also cut the ring, before treating your finger.


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