Riot denies putting pressure on ocelote to sell its G2 shares

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A few hours after the revelations of an insider, the head of esports of Riot denied having pressured ocelote to sell its shares in G2 Esports.

According to the Spanish insider Esportmaniacos, the now ex-boss of G2 Esports, Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez, sold his shares in the German-Spanish structure under pressure from Riot Games, following the suspension of the team on the international VALORANT scene and the resignation of the founder in stride. Indeed, the publisher of League of Legends and VALORANT seems to have the club in sight since the affair of the controversial video and the non-selection of G2 in the new EMEA competition for the VCT 2023 is not trivial.

According to the insider, multiple sources have confirmed that Riot had forced ocelote to sell his shares in the team he founded.

He can’t take part in anything related to Riot Games, and while it’s not certain yet, it looks like he had to sell his stake in G2 Esports.

A few hours after this revelation, the video game publisher took the floor to deny the rumor. Maximilian Peter Schmidt, the head of esports in Europe, announced that ocelote was in no way forced to sell its shares. Moreover, LoL Esports has not asked for his resignation from G2 either, he specifies, while that an investigation has been opened within the LEC to see if his behavior is against league rules and the damage this drama could do to Riot’s esports scene.

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