Riot Games postpones its two spin-offs to 2023

While the universe of League of Legends continues to expand over the related productions, bad news has just fallen. CONV/RGENCE and Song of Nunu, the two spin-offs originally scheduled for 2022, have been pushed back to the following year by Riot Games. If this will make it possible to refine the games and better prepare for their release, we can only be disappointed with such an announcement. However, it comes with some rather interesting information about Ruined Kingwhich will enjoy a next-gen version the same year.

Once again, it is not surprising to see projects still offbeat, especially lately. And if the communication is intended to be reassuring, the sentence concerning their new programming is quite worrying. No guarantees are made on their release in 2023, and Riot Forge should communicate as soon as they know more. However, communication is clearly not Riot Games’ forte, especially when it comes to their spin-offs. It will therefore probably be necessary to wait many more months, in total silence, before rediscovering them.

Viego takes possession of the ninth generation

Released at the end of 2021, Ruined King: A League of Legends story will benefit in 2023 from an update for the last generation of consoles. If it is not yet known what this means concretely, Riot immediately clarifies the situation. Those with a PS4 or Xbox One copy will be able to enjoy it for free. Perhaps the opportunity to do it or redo it while waiting for the next titles.

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