“RIP my guardian angel”: Julien Clerc, his daughter Vanille collapsed after a sudden disappearance

By Louise Martin | Editor

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The Clerc family is in mourning today. Vanille, Julien Clerc’s daughter, has just learned of the disappearance of one of her loved ones, the one she considered “her guardian angel”. On the networks, the young woman shares a moving message.

“RIP my guardian angel”: Julien Clerc, his daughter Vanille in mourning after a sudden disappearance

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This Sunday, May 19, 2024, Vanille, the daughter of Julien Clerc, shared her immense sadness. And for good reason, his mentor, Jean-Philippe Allard died at the age of 67. This music producer, who notably put jazz back at the heart of the French record company Universal, and signed artists like Ayo, Juliette Gréco, and Brigitte Fontaine, passed away following a devastating illness.

Today, the entire jazz world is in mourning, and more particularly Vanille Clerc. On social networks, the 36-year-old young woman expressed her grief in a moving publication.

Vanille Clerc bids farewell to her mentor

She shared a photo of her and Jean-Philippe Allard accompanied by these few words in tribute: “RIP my “guardian angel”, my manager for five years, the great, the unique Jean-Philippe Allard, so human, intelligent, passionate, infinite gratitude for having crossed your path ❤️❤️ Infinite sadness to imagine life without You”.

It was alone that the young woman decided to start her career as an artist. But life put her on the path of Jean-Philippe Allard, and since that day, the singer and her producer have never left each other. We can therefore imagine his fear and pain at pursuing his career without the help of his mentor. The sudden death of Jean-Philippe Allard comes less than a year after the death of Gérard Leclerc, Julien Clerc’s brother.

Julien Clerc was worried about his daughter

When Vanille announced to her father that she wanted to follow her path, Julien Clerc was reluctant and worried, as she confided, in 2020, to our colleagues at TV Magazine : “Once he understood that I really wanted to make it my career, he explained to me how tough a world it was. He was very scared.” But this worry quickly gave way to immense pride.

And the least we can say is that Julien Clerc had a strong influence on his children, since his three daughters chose to become artists. The first is Angèle Herry (49 years old), whom he officially adopted in 1992, after having raised her as his own daughter (she is in reality the daughter of Miou-Miou and Patrick Dewaere). She is a screenwriter, while her sister, Jeanne Herry (46 years old) – whom Julien Clerc had with Miou-Miou – is a director (Pupil, I will always see your faces). The third of the siblings is Vanille, born from the union between the famous singer and the rider. Virginie Coupérie-Eiffel.

Finally, Julien Clerc also has two boys: Barnabé (29 years old) and the youngest of the family, Léonard, born in 2008, that he had with his last wife, Hélène Grémillon. A beautiful blended family.

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