Rise in the wear rate: will getting a mortgage really be easier now?

Will mortgage rates continue to rise? Adobe Stock

DECRYPTION – This announcement gives a breath of fresh air to borrowers. Will banks be more flexible?

We are relieved. After two months of waiting, our file will finally be able to be unlocked“, rejoice Myriam and Pierre. This couple in their forties is about to buy a 120 m² house in Angers. The bank gave them the green light. Same rejoicing for Erwan who wants to borrow 250,000 euros over 25 years to acquire a main residence in Paris. Despite 4,500 euros net per month and a contribution of more than 24,000 euros, his file was blocked. As for Myriam and Pierre, it has just been validated. It is the famous wear rate, which has been on the lips of thousands of mortgage borrowers in recent months, which has changed the game.

Updated every 3 months, this maximum rate at which you can obtain a mortgage will rise on October 1 to 3.05% for loans over 20 years and more, the Banque de France announced on Thursday. That is an increase of 0.48%. A real breath of fresh air for the thousands of households who had postponed their real estate project for a few months while waiting for the situation to settle down. “About 15% of our files from last month will be released thanks to the increase in the rate of attrition», rejoices Sylvain Lefèvre, president of La Centrale de Financement. In short, everything is better? Obtaining a mortgage will be easier, despite the rise in rates? It is far from obvious. Le Figaro explains why you should think twice before embarking on a real estate project.

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