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It’s the last day of the week. Do you know what that means? LaPetitePelle is now! Today we are going to focus on our enemies. During a fight, knowing these can lead us to victory. LPP takes his pencil and shows us what he has in mind.

The successor to Ghost of Tsushima has arrived, but it’s not unanimous: it’s Rise of the Ronin! Even if some players like it a lot, some criticisms often come up. Flaws which did not escape our designer.

Good and bad

Rise of the Ronin is an open-world action-RPG developed by Team Ninja and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 5. The game was released on March 22, 2024 and is already getting a lot of attention, to say the least. Only three weeks after its release, one of the most anticipated games of the year is being bombarded by critics. Sometimes positive on many points, sometimes negative on certain more specific points.

In an action-RPG game, the most important thing is obviously the action! Here, certainly, the gameplay is interesting, nervous and demanding, but that is not the case with the enemies. Indeed, many of them are deaf, others are blind and most are both at the same time. Killing an enemy fairly is difficult, but killing an enemy quietly is abnormally easy. Here, infiltration is far too simple and without consequences. Enemies do not notice that their allies are no longer there and do not hear their cries.

A victory… deserved?

Especially since there are many ways to deal with enemies! Melee, firearms and more are at your disposal. This versatility is really useful and brings a lot of depth to the gameplay. The bad thing is that because of the enemies, it’s difficult to have as much fun as you’d like. Immersion is not the game’s strong point, which is a shame. This irregularity has angered more than oneincluding our dear designer.

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