RLCS 2021-22: Team BDS wins its second Spring Split Regional Event

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Back to back for Team BDS which offers itself the second of the three Regional Event of the season on Rocket League. The Karmine Corp for its part climbed to the small final.

Team BDS looks set to dominate the season. After winning the first Regional Event of the 2021-22 RLCS Spring Split, the Swiss team won the second title this weekend on the EU side with this “Regional Event 2 – Tour de Rocket League”. An almost trouble-free journey for the French players on the roster who have beaten Natus Vincere, SMPR, Karmine Corp and finally Team Liquid, first 4-1 in the upper bracket final, then 4-0 in the grand final.

One of the French teams in the competitionthe KC had a great run toosince after being eliminated from the high bracket by BDS, the structure went up the whole low bracket, beating with panache Guild Esports (4-0), then Moist (3-4), finally falling against Team Liquid in the small final. Also note the slightly more complicated course of Team Vitality, eliminated in the quarters of the upper bracket by Moist then of the lower by Guild.

In the season standings for the Major, BDS retains a large lead with 802 points ahead of Moist (600). Team Liquid jumped four places and found themselves not far away, while Karmine Corp moved up to 4th as well. Next and last Rocket League Regional Event, next June 10.

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