RN referendum motion rejected: Nupes “will serve soup to Macron all his life”, judge Dupont-Aignan

Reminders of the rules, interrupted speeches and a suspended session. The opening of the debates in the National Assembly around the pension reform project wanted by the government will have been chaotic. Despite the latest concessions from the executive around long careers, a large majority of the opposition is not convinced by the bill, and intends to make it known.

The referendum, the only solution not to block the country?

Even if it means returning “a pitiful image”, judge at the microphone of Europe 1 Nicolas Dupont-Aignan. However, the deputy from Essonne assures him: “We had the opportunity, by uniting the opposition, to pass a referendum motion which would have shifted the text first by 30 days and which would have made it possible to put the Senate in front of his responsibilities.”

“For me, the referendum is the only solution to block the government without blocking the country, so that there is a real debate on the place we want to give to our pensioners”, continues the deputy. But after the rejection of the referendum motion of the National Rally last night, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan is annoyed by the behavior of the deputies of Nupes.

“A major societal choice”

“It’s absurd since they had tabled an identical referendum motion”, he annoys. And to add: “That means that the deputies of the Nupes will serve soup to Macron all their lives because they play the government’s game”, indicating that the Left Alliance is fixated “more on the National Rally than on the retreat of the French.

“But that’s what is tragic: the Nupes claims to defend employees, but in fact, it sabotages them”, he concludes, even though the pension reform “is a major choice for society”, underlines Nicolas Dupont- Aignan.

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