Road safety: the National Council wants to reserve sidewalks for pedestrians

Meeting in plenary session on Monday, the CSNR, considered the “parliamentof road safety, will make nine recommendations to the government.

The National Road Safety Council (CNSR) will recommend on Monday to “legally define“the sidewalks as reserved for pedestrians, in response to the risk of collision with bicycles or scooters, we learned from road safety.

Created in 2001, mothballed in 2008 then reinstalled in 2012, this consultation and proposal body made up of 67 members (elected officials, state representatives, associations, doctors, companies, etc.) is considered the “parliament» road safety. Meeting in plenary session on Monday, the CSNR will make nine recommendations to the government, of which No. 7 provides for “legally define the sidewalk as a part of the public road reserved for pedestrian traffic and use“. The authority also wantsspecify that the sidewalk is physically separated from the roadway in order to be identifiable and detectable by all users“.

This recommendation comes as the city of Paris, where 15,000 self-service scooters are available, is questioning their “cost/benefit ratio” and their “environmental cost“, in the words last week of David Belliard, the assistant for mobility and roads. The 15,000 Parisian scooters will thus be equipped with a license plate on the rear mudguard, as in Grenoble or in Germany, in order to help the police to better verbalize the offenses.

The CSNR has been chaired since 2017 by Yves Goasdoué, Mayor of Flers (Orne). The interministerial delegate for road safety, Florence Guillaume, will be present on Monday at the plenary session of the Council and must comment on the recommendations adopted.

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