Robbie Williams: He doesn't look happy on Beau's birthday

Robbie Williams
He doesn't look happy on Beau's birthday

Robbie Williams and Ayda Field have been married for ten years

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Robbie Williams' son Beau just celebrated his first birthday. However, in a photo of the special day, his dad is scowling.

Robbie Williams (46, "Feel") became a father for the fourth time a year ago. On the first birthday of her youngest son Beau (1), Williams' wife Ayda Field (41) published a declaration of love on Instagram. On the accompanying snapshot, however, the ex-Take That star looks anything but happy. What is behind his scowl?

The 41-year-old American made the explanation right at the beginning of her post. "Robbie's face after I told him I still wanted a baby" can be read next to the photo of the scowling singer holding his son. There are numerous white, silver and light blue balloons behind him.

Field addressed further lines directly to her one-year-old son: "We dreamed of you for years before we finally met you." Your "smiling, beautiful boy" is the "miracle" of his parents, "the absolute perfection of our family" and the best "that 2020 has produced".

Was the family already celebrating in their new villa?

Where the family celebrated the first birthday of their youngest member, the actress did not let her followers know. On the snapshot, however, you can clearly see snow-capped mountains and wooden houses in the background. And the pop superstar himself is also standing on a wooden balcony. So has the family already moved from the USA to their alleged new villa in Switzerland?

Just over a week ago, the British "The Sun" reported a corresponding purchase. Accordingly, the property is said to have cost around 27 million euros and is located on Lake Geneva.