Robbie Williams opens up about his hair loss

Robbie Williams
He talks about hair loss and growth supplements

Robbie Williams is open about his hair loss.

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Talking openly and honestly about cosmetic surgery, hair transplants and the like is not easy for many celebrities. Dealing with it seems to be a taboo subject, especially for men. Robbie Williams is now open about his hair loss and how he counteracts it.

Robbie Williams, 47, who became known with the boy band Take That, makes no secret of his life and also reveals insecurities that other people would hide. The singer is currently not attracting attention because of his music, but because of his handling of the topic of hair transplants.

A first try

Back in 2013, Robbie Williams had hair transplants done to counteract his thinning hair. The hair loss is affecting him, the singer says to “The Sun” and has been causing increasing uncertainty for years. However, he makes no secret of this. In a second attempt, it was found that another transplant was no longer possible because his hair was too thin and the 47-year-old now had to resort to new methods.

With a growth serum to a full mane?

Robbie Williams also tells the newspaper that he has spent a fortune on a hair growth serum, but has yet to see a satisfactory result. He explains that results should be visible after only five months, but that he hasn’t seen them yet. He started the experiment seven months ago and can only hope that something will change and that his hair will grow fuller.

That’s encouraging

The open handling of this often very sensitive subject by Robbie Williams gives at least a lot of encouragement and shows that it is not a bad thing when a man allows something to be changed and clearly formulates his insecurities. It is a first step to state that everyone can have problems with themselves and there are always things that the person would like to change. That’s okay and should open up the dialogue, especially for men who also feel exposed to social pressure.

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