Robert Downey Jr. as a Mexican: Why You May Never See This 2016 Comedy

Directed six years ago, the comedy “All-Star Weekend”, led in particular by Jamie Foxx, Benecio del Toro and Robert Downey Jr., may never see the light of day. But why is it stuck at the bottom of a Hollywood drawer?

In 2016, Jamie Foxx stepped behind the camera for the first time, directing a comedy called All-Star Weekend. The feature film tells the eventful journey of two friends (played by Foxx and Jeremy Piven) to go to Los Angeles to attend the All-Star Game, the great annual basketball event in the United States.

The cast of this road movie looks great. In addition to Foxx and Piven, we find in the credits Benicio del Toro, Gerard Butler, Eva Longoria and Robert Downey Jr. in the skin of a Mexican! Do you have a furious desire to see the film? You will be disillusioned… All-Star Weekend has never been released in theaters and its future is still very hypothetical.

In an interview recently granted to CinemaBlendJamie Foxx explains that it is because of the current state of comedy that the film remains in the drawers. “It has become complicated, given the context, to do comedy. With this film, we tried to dig into the sensitive subjectssays the one who stars in the Netflix fantasy thriller Day Shift. “Let’s wait for people start laughing again.”

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Times have changed and playing a Mexican by Robert Downey Jr. may be part of the reason All-Star Weekend was put on hold. In an interview given to Joe Regan in 2017Jamie Foxx was defending this casting. “I called Robert and said, ‘I need you to play a Mexican. M****, you played a black guy in Tonnerre sous les Tropiques and you tore it all up!””said the actor. “We have to be able to play characters.”

Jamie Foxx stars in the fantasy thriller “Day Shift”, available on Netflix:

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