Rocky Quiz: 10 hardcore questions about Stallone’s opponents!

How well do you know the villains of the Stallone saga? This is what we will see with our questionnaire on Rocky’s opponents!

An emblematic character of cinema, Rocky Balboa has gone through the ages and fought brave and implacable adversaries. Can you avoid the pitfalls of our special Rocky villain quiz?

Also, did you know that Stallone was planning a prequel series for Rocky? After six parts in the cinema, two acclaimed spin-offs and a third in preparation, the Rocky saga is about to become a television series! On his Instagram account, in March 2021, Sylvester Stallone announced that he was working on writing a prequel dedicated to the youth of boxer Rocky Balboa.

Revealing a few pages of the script, the actor-director told us in particular that the series will take place seventeen years before the plot of the first film. In the middle of the sixties, this prequel will retrace, alongside the youth of the future Italian Stallion, the highlights of the Sixties: the hippie movement, the arrival of rock’n’roll, the Vietnam War, the assassinations of JFK and Martin Luther King.

Revealing that the project has aroused the excitement of MGM studios (historic partners of the saga), Stallone has also confirmed that several iconic characters will be present in the series. The latter also offers us to discover in preview the very first meeting between Rocky and Adrian, his future wife, and Paulie (his interpreter Burt Young has also “liked” the publication).

These few script pages also reveal lines of dialogue with Rocky’s trainer, Mickey (played in the first three films by the late Burgess Meredith). At this stage of the project, no interpreter has of course been chosen by Stallone to portray these characters. However, since these revelations, Stallone has been in open conflict with Rocky’s heirs, which could block the project. You will have to be patient.

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