Rofrane Bambara (Large families, life in XXL) is frank about her income: “I measure how lucky I am to be able to earn a living like this…”

The mother of the quadruplets, emblematic figure of the TF1 show, said more about her professional future during a Q&A game on Instagram with her fans.

The air of nothing, the show Large families, life in XXL (TF1) has become a real business for the participating families. Whether it’s the Blois, the Pellissard or even the Santoro, all of them have been able to develop their community of fans on Instagram. And its thus become for many of them real influencers. Enough to generate a significant source of income for those who regularly share their life in XXL online. It is the same for Rofrane Bambara who lent himself this Sunday to a little game of Questions / Answers on Instagram.

Rofrane Bambara responds to his fans

Among the many questions from her 285,000 subscribers, this mother of quadruplets has selected ten. Including one on his professional future. She admits it, she has no desire to resume work outside of Instagram: “Honestly no, we’re not going to lie to each other I work from home, I manage my schedules, I take care of my children and above all I’m available for them since it’s a flexible job and I don’t know any others” she wrote.

“Excessive” shopping sessions for the Bambara clan

And to continue on the subject:I measure the chance that I have to be able to be present for them and to earn my living like that and it is partly thanks to you.“Because product placement is often lucrative for influencers. A significant factor when you have to raise four children… with frequent shopping sessions in particular”disproportionate.

Lots of health concerns for the mother

Recently hospitalized for serious health concerns, Rofrane Bambara seemed in any case in much better shape. For the four years of her toddlers, she appeared still weakened in early January. “Unable to walk. (…) I thought I was going to die (…) For me, there was something that had broken in my brain. (…) Basically, I just have the flu… The puncture reminded me of the epidural I had had. Anyway, I cried, I screamed, I think all the emergencies heard me. (…) After a few hours, I had the results of the lumbar puncture and they told me that finally it was fine” she said during a live with her fans.

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