Rofrane Bambara (Large families) still weakened for the anniversary of the quadruplets: “It’s not what I had imagined …”

A few days after his hospitalization, Rofrane Bambara, present in Large families: life in XXL, is still weakened. This Wednesday, January 5, 2022, the mother still reserved a small party for her quadruplets who were celebrating their 4 years.

The year has not started off in the best possible way for the Bambara, currently airing in Large families: life in XXL. Start of the week, Rofrane Bambara reappeared on social networks after several days of absence arousing the concern of its 278,000 subscribers on Instagram. In the caption of a video, the mother of quadruplets revealed the serious health concerns she has suffered since Christmas. “Hospitalized [quelques jours] with loss of mobility on the right side“, the companion of Nasser has difficulty walking again and is currently undergoing rehabilitation.

A birthday in simplicity

This Wednesday, January 5, 2022, Rofrane Bambara shared moments of his session with a physiotherapist in his story. The young woman follows a program at home, in order to regain complete autonomy of her limbs through exercises. It is in this context that Nasser and Rofrane celebrated the fourth birthday of their four children. “This is not what I had imagined for their 4 years but it was magical to see them blow out their fourth candle“Says the mother taken by surprise by the disease. The parents plan to organize a bigger party in the coming days thanks to an event planner to celebrate this moment”like it should beWhile waiting for the big day, the Bambara prepared a small strawberry plant and gave a gift to each of their toddlers.

A mom’s statement to her family

Later that day, Rofrane Bambara posted a photo from their party with this message: “4 years ago Noor pointed the tip of his nose at 6:48 p.m., Hajar at 6:49 p.m., Chemsy-dine at 6:50 p.m. and Kheïry-Dine at 6:51 p.m. and today we’re celebrating their 4 years, it’s crazy how time flies✨4 years of happiness, 4 years of emotions (good and bad) 4 years that we learn every day to be parents of quadruplets but above all 4 years that these 4 wonders have changed our life and given it meaning 🙏🏼✨ (I admit that’s a lot of 4 😅🤣)@dadofquad you are a daron who rocks 🔥 ♥ ️ Thank you for all your messages team B ♥ ️

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