ROG Ally: what if it was possible to run it on Linux to transform it into a Steam Deck?

The ROG Ally has an advantage over its competitor (at least designated as such) has not : it turns on Windowswhich means thatit is capable of running almost all games. However, this advantage has a disadvantage, that of ergonomics. If it is possible to play, from the first start and in an optimized way, these games on the Steam Deckit will be necessary to strive on the machine toAsus to install all platforms. For those who bother, be aware that it is possible to install certain distributions there Linux. But is the famous portable console just as efficient there?

It’s on the chain YouTube ETA Prime that the test was performed. Steam OS not yet working on the portable console ofAsusIt is ChimeraOS (an operating system based on the gaming) which opens the ball. For a first test, we must admit that the console seems to easily digest the distribution linuxand this, with performances not so far from that found under Windows. The most demanding games (3D) run a notch below on Linux, but all 2D games pass cream. As this is a distribution not optimized for the ROG Ally, some options are not available, such as the possibility of choosing the PDT (machine power) or screen refresh rate. Also, it is impossible to hear sound through the port Jack and the chip Wireless is recognized only intermittently.

Nevertheless, it is easily possible, unlike Windowsdisable one or more processor cores and adjust their frequency to extend the battery. Besides, in a recent Q&A video with Asusthe manufacturer assures that it will be possible to do the same under Windows in future updates. In any case, it should be kept in mind that the ROG Ally is not yet out and that lovers of the hack will be many more once it is in their hands. They will certainly be able to prepare a modified version (Rog AllyReady) of Steam-OS or suggest a version Windows 11 with all platforms pre-installed.

Cyberpunk 2077 ChimeraOS

Finally, know that the use of a distribution linux will deprive you of others blinds (Epic Games Store, Xbox, EA App, GOG...), if you want the best of both worlds, you will definitely need to use the dual boot and choose your environment when starting the consolenecessarily eating up your storage space (which you can increase via a microSD or one SSD more substantial). The manipulation is of course not within everyone’s reach.and if you come exclusively from the console universe, the task will be even more difficult. Rest assured, when full compatibility is in the game, we will work on a tutorial to allow anyone, whatever their level, to achieve it.

Interested in ROG Ally ? You can afford it on Amazonthere FNAC Or on the Asus website directly.

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