Roger Waters: He said “yes” for the fifth time

Roger Waters
He said “yes” for the fifth time

Roger Waters married his partner Kamilah.

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Roger Waters got married. The co-founder of Pink Floyd posted several wedding photos on social media.

Roger Waters married his partner Kamilah at the age of 78. The British musician has now confirmed this on social media. Published on Instagram, among others the co-founder of Pink Floyd produced a whole series of wedding photos showing him together with the radiant bride. In one of the photos, the two are standing on a jetty with a dog and look each other in love. They kiss deeply on two others.

Kamilah is the one

“I’m so happy,” commented Waters, explaining that this time he had found the right one. It is already the fifth wedding for the 78-year-old. Waters was previously married four times, most recently from 2012 to 2015. It is not known exactly when the two married.

In conversation with the Argentine news website “Infobae” had told Waters in 2018 that he and his Kamilah have been together for several years. At that time he was already talking about being happy in the relationship. He got to know her during one of his concerts.


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