Roland-Garros: a Frenchman who is both a player and a commentator for France Télévisions

Louise Bernard, with Alexis Patri
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12:05 p.m., May 18, 2022

France Télévisions hires a new consultant for the 2022 edition of the Roland-Garros tournament. But the famous French tennis player chosen has the particularity of playing this same edition of the international sports tournament. He will join the France Télévisions teams after his elimination, on which the TV group seems to be betting.

Richard Gasquet joins France Télévisions as a consultant. This is a first for the French tennis player to occupy this position. The information was announced by the magazine Stage 2. The public service will benefit from the player’s expertise for the time of the Roland-Garros tournament which begins on Sunday, following the qualification phase already started on Monday May 16.

But the news is surprising: consultant positions are usually occupied by retired athletes. However, Richard Gasquet has not yet ended his tennis career.

From court to TV set

Richard Gasquet will indeed not be a consultant for France Télévisions during the first days of the tournament, since he will play himself. He will join the team of consultants, once he has been eliminated. According to the website puremedias, he will then intervene daily on the Terrace, with the presenter Laurent Luyat. France Télévisions is therefore probably betting on a rapid elimination of the French player, who does not seem to hold it against them.

The 2022 edition of the Roland-Garros tournament will be held from Sunday May 22 to Sunday June 5.

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