Roland Kaiser: The singer doesn’t see himself as a pop star

Roland Kaiser
The singer does not see himself as a pop star

Roland Kaiser during a performance in Mannheim a few days ago.

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When it comes to Roland Kaiser, terms like “pop star” are often used. But that’s not how he sees himself.

Roland Kaiser (69) is considered by many to be a great German pop star. He does not see himself as such, as he explains in an interview with “Welt am Sonntag”. “I make music that I enjoy,” says Kaiser. But he could not forbid anyone to use words like “hit star” or “hit legend”.

Kaiser, who sees himself as an optimist, is simply doing his job and “wants to bring joy to other people,” it continues. Starry airs are apparently alien to the 69-year-old. “But of course” he goes shopping in the supermarket himself and he also personally brings his clothes to the cleaners.

He would take this line back

“Yes,” replied the singer when asked if there was a line in the song that he would like to take back. He speaks of the line “At night on your snow-white beaches, I held her youth in my hands” from the song “Santa Maria”, one of the great hits of Kaiser. To this day he is amazed that his producer at the time waved this through.

Anyone who would like to find out more about Kaiser can take a look at his autobiography “Sunny Side”, which will be published by Heyne on October 18. In it he tells from his life and, according to the publisher, also goes into German contemporary history. Kaiser’s new album “Christmas Time” was also recently released.


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